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Revolutionary Dynamics Blocks from Colligo Marine

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Be a part of the Revolution! Revo Blocks from Colligo Marine

Shown is an 8/1 mainsheet with the foot print of a conventional 2/1 Bock.


Revolutionary, small footprint, dynamic blocks for running applications. 2/1, 4/1, and 8/1 purchases available. 3D printed polymeric structural bodies with ceramic bearings and titanium shafts. Blocks are available for purchase complete or components with print file for printing your own block bodies. Custom blocks or block prints are also available.

These blocks are revolutionary both in their small foot print compared to conventional block designs and in their manufacturing flexibility. The 8/1 Revo Block for 6mm line is less than 25% of the footprint of a conventional 8/1 block setup. 

No Rust or oxidation, ever. 

3D printing of the structural bodies allow for integrated washers, offsets, and other features, eliminating the need for extra parts and maintenance of those parts.

In addition, we are selling the 3D print of each block, allowing for remote replacement of the part as needed. For the first time you can print your own blocks as needed. Patent Pending. purchase systems sailboat blocks

The Old, huge and dangerous.

New, Lightweight, flexible designs, virtually indestructible. Much smaller in size!

Sailboat Blocks.  2/1,m 4/1, 6/1, 8/1 purchase systems

Revo Blocks

Video presentation of Revo Blocks from Colligo Marine.

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